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Grow Your Confidence and Skill as a Leader

About Groveland Leadership

At Groveland Leadership, we are about helping people get the support they need to succeed. Founded in Minnesota

Programs to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Level Up

Frontline leadership development


Career and Leadership development for aspiring Leaders

Being a new manager is hard.

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About 50% of new managers are rated as ineffective by their own companies
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almost 60% say they received little to no training to support this transition
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of surveyed business leaders believe a lack of frontline leadership development moderately or substantially impacts company

The Development Experience You Need

Two-day workshops are fun, but expensive, and science has proven we forget 90% of what we learn after one month.  Online learning is great but having a better understanding of leadership skills doesn’t make you a better leader.  Coaching is the best way to learn – but do you have a coach?

Peer Coaching is the Way

When you join our community, you get access to a small group of peer coaches – passionate, driven individuals who also strive to make an impact through better leadership.

What do our programs include?

6 months of development experiences

Weekly learning

Tailored coaching and insights

I loved connecting with other talented professionals and hearing how they approached similar situations. Our discussions were real time, and we used the learning material provided to make smarter decisions. I learned, improved and became more confident.

Anna Carpenter, Former Participant

Meet The Team

Rick Rittmaster


HR Insider with a Decade of Talent
Development Experience

Scott Jacobs


Business Leader and
Career Expert