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Grow Your Confidence and Skill as a Leader

At Groveland Leadership we help talented employees become effective leaders that deliver results.

The Groveland Leadership Program

Whether your aim is to run your own company or advance your career, you will need leadership skills to be successful. Our virtual program uses proven learning techniques to help new managers learn foundational skills needed for career-long success.

Think of it like a personal trainer for your career, teaching you the exercises and getting you to the gym every day. We are here to equip you for success!

The components of the Groveland Leadership Program

We Build the Habit of Leadership

At Groveland, we provide a unique combination of learning opportunities that integrate all the ways that leaders build skills. 

  1. Lessons – we teach key concepts needed to transition from Individual Contributor to Manager
  2. Coaching Groups – recognize your progress and get outside perspectives on issues that group members face every day
  3. Virtual Learning – each  Lesson Topic is paired with additional LinkedIn Learning modules
  4. Expert Advice – we bring in an outside expert to answer your questions

Everything comes together as you put the concepts and advice you’ve learned to the test in your workplace, building that leadership muscle.

Being a Manager Is Hard...

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About 50% of new managers are rated as ineffective by their own companies
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almost 60% say they received little to no training to support this transition
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of surveyed business leaders believe a lack of frontline leadership development moderately or substantially impacts company
I Loved connecting with other talented professionals and hearing how they approached similar situations. Our discussion were real time, and we used the learning material provided to make smarter decisions. I learned, improved and became more confident.
Anna Carpenter
Former Participant